HDR Cats - Looking good

Taking good pictures of cats is not always easy. Their fast movements and sometimes their temper are certainly not helping. What about HDR? Forget about auto braketing unless the beast is asleep. Better a single RAW shot and extract more information from the post-processing. Tonemapping will do the rest but try not to over process it, we don't want our little friends to become little monsters. Below I've selected 10 cats for you. They look good, what do you think?

Sour Puss

Picture by darrellburnett

Hide and Seek

Picture by dalematt

A cat and some colors

Picture by pandarino

Mack Attack

Picture by jaylee4124


Picture by rfrohaug

Cat dozing

Picture by pandarino


Picture by darrellburnett

Marta Upside Down

Picture by il_messia

The EYES have it.

Picture by digicam

Sh-h-h. The princess is Sleeping.

Picture by dalematt

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