No 2 Guggenheim Bilbao

Picture by david

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  • July 24, 2012
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Guggenheim museum bilbao gehry


24 Jul 14:07

For the purist this has blown highlights and halos. For me this shows the limits of my camera sensor in the Casio, or even HDR, but I do like the overall effect. Frank Gehry, the architect of the museum said he used titanium plates as he wanted the building to capture the light.

24 Jul 15:23

I love the shadow play on this one. Superb shot. Not quite sure about the orange color on the upper right.

24 Jul 15:40

Not keen on modern architecture (I'm a neanderthal) but love this building.

24 Jul 16:45

Very nice cropping to emphasize the lines of the building.

24 Jul 19:42

I love this type of architecture John:). but I also like St Pauls and westminster abbey

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