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  • September 05, 2013
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05 Sep 01:51

Not for voting, this post is the process of photo "Gaia and Farooq" For those who have doubts about whether can be done multiple shots with moving subjects, exists the tool "Selective deghosting" in Photomatix, allowing us to select an area of the image, in which we can choose that shot to use. In this case for the dog on the left is selected-2EV and for the right-1EV There is an eternal debate as to whether HDR can be done with a single shot, when I use a single RAW, the specifics of the data and also in the "Notes" write "Pseudo HDR". In this image the dogs would be PSEUDO HDR and the rest HDR, so this image could be classified from PSEUDO-PSEUDO HDR. The image above is divided as follows: The first 4 cadres are the shots that I select from 9. Box 5 is as seen in PM before selection. 6 and 7 is the shot chosen for each dog. 8 is the result of the process in PM. The result then Photoshop is the next post. Sorry for the translation.

05 Sep 01:59

Muy bueno el aporte Ricardo. Hay personas que no saben utilizar una herramienta y asumen que los de mas tampoco saben como hacerlo, como dicen aquí la ignorancia es atrevida.

05 Sep 02:00


05 Sep 02:20

Sorry everybody for write in Spanish but I don't know exactly how to translate this to English.

05 Sep 02:50

This is why I love you my friend... that took a long time to show, just to share a technique. excellent. thank you.

05 Sep 03:06

yo no se usar eso jajaja lo uso automatico :c

05 Sep 09:43


05 Sep 11:58

Thank you Ricardo, this is where the members on here help others to understand the processing of Hdr. It's from members like your self Ricardo that I have learned...Thank you again...

05 Sep 12:31

Thank you for the tip, much appreciated!

05 Sep 13:08

Thank you for taking the trouble to explain that. And your English is excellent. Beats the crap out of my Spanish!!

05 Sep 14:53

Thanks Ricardo for the tip and explanation. You really are valuable for this community!. We need more people like you around.

05 Sep 15:07

Great information Ricardo. Thanks for always being the teacher. @Mario don't apologize for using you native language. I enjoy translating it. It also teaches me.

05 Sep 18:03

gracias por compartir tus conocimientos, inspiran a seguir explorando la fotografía!

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