Fort Rock Pano

Picture by atom

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  • October 06, 2014
  • Shooting Style Tripod
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  • Exposures Number -2, 0 +2
  • Editing Software Photomatix Pro / Photoshop / Others
  • File Format RAW
  • Notes A complex workflow involving the blending of several tonemaps and the original RAWS. Shot as a Pano with 4 sets of images. 3 brackets per set.
Fort Rock Volcanic Volcano Oregon


06 Oct 22:35

Shot a year or so ago from my second day of HDR shooting. This was a difficult to process shot due to several problems. The wind was blowing very strongly, causing the clouds to move quickly (moving highlights= bad for HDR) Even the sagebrush was moving around. Shot with my old D70s. I still like this shot despite the modest equipment.

06 Oct 22:45

awesome pov, great image but the blacks r clip

07 Oct 05:25

theme, composition-10; light, atmosphere-9; impressive, mood-9; artistic-10; technical-9 [9.40]

07 Oct 15:35

I like it

07 Oct 18:24

In my opinion: subject - 10, composition - 10, process - 9. Overall - 10.

08 Oct 00:29

I'm sorry Bob, I could have sworn I'd voted on this last night! Yes, there's a little bit of clipping, but I think in this case the darkness completely suits the ambience of the scene. 10

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