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  • Speke Hall Avenue, Liverpool, United Kingdom

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  • May 05, 2015
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05 May 14:21

Speke Hall is a half timber framed mansion (one of the most famous in Britain) that sits on the banks of the River Mersey. The house was originally built over 400 years ago by the devout Catholic Norris family. The family lived here for over 200 years until the final female descendant married into the Beauclerks family. The Beauclerks later sold the property and its estate to the Watt family in 1795. The last female heir of the Watt family inherited the estate and returned to live here in 1878 and did so up until her death in 1921. The house was then held in a trust for 21 years, during this time the late Miss Watts’ butler, Thomas Whatmore, and his staff, took on the maintenance of the estate. In 1942 the house was passed on to the National Trust, and was administered by Liverpool City Corporation until 1986, when the National Trust took complete control. The house has bare witness to several hundred years of turbulent history. During Tudor times the essential feature of a secret priest hole was used, as well as a secret observation hole built into the chimney in one of the bedrooms, which allowed the occupant to spot any potential threats approaching the house.

05 May 23:58

Very Beautiful Estate for being so Old. Thanks for sharing the Image as well the Great Story behind it all.

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