Llanddwyn Island

Picture by myliwg01

  • Llanddwyn Island

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  • May 09, 2015
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  • Canon 70
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2,-1,0,=+1ev
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09 May 10:12

Thanks to every one who liked and favorited my last image,Bamburgh Castle,giving me POTD,most appreciated. Llanddwyn Island (Ynys Llanddwyn) is a magical place. Located at the far end of a pleasant beach near Newborough Warren, this narrow finger of land is an ideal picnic site during fine weather, but also an exhilarating place when the winter winds blow. Its rolling dunes, large rock outcrops and mixture of historic buildings makes it an ideal place for an afternoon of exploration. Llanddwyn is not quite an island. It remains attached to the mainland at all but the highest tides. It provides excellent views of Snowdonia and the Lleyn Peninsula and is part of the Newborough Warren National Nature Reserve.

09 May 23:47

You know I love your images....but this one is Not your usual quality post. A bit dark in areas IMHO. Adrian posted this also about two years ago.

10 May 11:21

Thanks for the vote Ed,I also posted this some time ago,but this is redone I am trying out the nik collection and addeda few presets.

10 May 13:13

Congrats on POTD. Great When you can Win a POTD without your Best Work....LOL.

10 May 15:47

Thanks for your very informative narrative(s). I think I said it before, but, although a picture is worth a thousand words, it still doesn't tell the whole story. I enjoy these posted pictures so much more when they're accompanied by descriptive narrative.

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