'32 Duesenberg

Picture by digicam

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  • April 09, 2019
  • Nikon D800
  • Nikkor 24-70mm
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number 9@1 EV
  • Editing Software PaintShop Pro / Photomatix Pro / Topaz Studio
  • File Format RAW
  • Notes Used 9 Exposures because car was under a dark shaded canopy with no light. The extra exposures helped give light to the image. Image also straightened. Naturally the Finish Image was cropped from the Original. Cement was cleaned in Paint Shop Pro.
Car cars duesenberg rolls royce rare Vintage antique Classic digicam nikon nikon D800


09 Apr 20:53

9 Exposure HDR and Single 0 Exposure of a 1932 Duesenberg Model J. Very Rare. Less than three dozen ever built and less than a dozen remain in this pristine condition. Value $1.1 Million dollars. I encourage other members to try and show Before and After images to see how the image was transformed. Click on HDR Button Top right side to see Original and arrows to view at Highest Resolution. Thanks for viewing. Comments always welcomed.

09 Apr 21:26

great details, love HDR switch

09 Apr 22:36

Superb job Ed for a very expensive car. The before/after is crazy satisfying, same as for yesterday's picture.

10 Apr 02:47

@carlo Hello, Carlo. Just want to know if this function "before/after" is avalilable only for Plus members to post?

10 Apr 07:37

@jorgehdrbrazil correct Jorge. Just plus members for now.

10 Apr 09:28

Love the car but your picture is tilted. Lightroom has a great correction for that.

10 Apr 12:25

@franklamica , Thanks for the Early Morning Laugh!

10 Apr 14:39

Ed, it's called the Transform Tool and it would fix the problem you have with your car and especially the building behind it being so slanted that it detracts from your photo.

10 Apr 15:27

@franklamica , Thanks Frank what an EYE you have. You are so helpful. God Bless You!

11 Apr 01:24

Very good photo! Like the sharpness!

18 Jul 15:09

With the headlights looking like eyes, that car has personality. Cool cool cool!

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