Airbrush Masterpiece Beetle

Picture by iciworm

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  • August 26, 2019
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  • PENTAX K-1
  • Shooting Style Hand Held
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number
  • Editing Software Photomatix Pro / Other
  • File Format RAW
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beetle Vintage uscar old CONTEST


26 Aug 07:35

Seen at US-Car meeting in Gräfrath

26 Aug 14:21

Like the Vintage Effect of this image Ici. If you are posting this image for entry into the Contest you must also enter the word "CONTEST" in the TAGS BOX to qualify.

26 Aug 15:38

@digicam Hy, thanks, much appreciate you like it ;-) ... but afterwards i cannot eddit tags, i tried to, but i cannot.

26 Aug 18:19

@iciworm ,sure you can. Just Click on Pencil Symbol next to your Title, "Airbrush Masterpiece Beetle". It will take you back to the Original upload page. Delete one of the tags already in the Tag Box and Add, "CONTEST". Then go down to the bottom of that page and on the Left Side Click on Update Page.

26 Aug 19:02

@digicam Ah ok, didn' t knew to delete one??

Updated 26 Aug 19:06

@iciworm , No's all GOOD. Best of Luck in the Contest, I think this one has a very good chance at placing.

26 Aug 23:43

I like it!

27 Aug 11:56

Congrats on POTD!

27 Aug 12:20

@digicam Thank you, much appreciate. ??

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