Smoky Mountain Stream - Straightened

Picture by flipd1

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  • August 21, 2020
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21 Aug 20:52

Per Ed's suggestion I straightened this to make the road in the background look more level

Updated 21 Aug 23:58

@flipd1 , First off Phil This is my Original Comment of your first Post, "Good Composition and Processing. However the first thing that caught my EYE or I should say leans my head to the Left was that the image appears to be crooked. Road in background also gives it that appearance even more". . The Creek itself was leaning to the Left and the Right bank of the creek was much higher than the Left side. This is what made the image LOOK Crooked, TO ME. The road only helped it to look MORE crooked. As for the tree there is not enough difference between the two (before and after) to matter as compared to the crooked illusion of the creek. The road was NOT the factor that made the image look crooked it only helped it give more of the illusion. Hope you understand the difference between the TWO. Hell, for all I know you took a Perfectly Straight image and the Tree is Crooked. What I say is not written in Stone.......Just one man's opinion.

21 Aug 22:06

@digicam Ed. You sound upset. Don’t be. I am not intending to do that. In fact I was giving you praise and complementing you. I agree that it looks better. The comment on not being able to unsee the tree was a joke and said in jest.

24 Aug 01:48

I think this one looks better Phil.

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