Pink Tree Redone

Picture by flipd1

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  • May 19, 2021
  • Canon 7d
  • 18-55
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number +2, 0, -2
  • Editing Software Lightroom / Photomatix Pro
  • File Format RAW
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19 May 00:47

This one I posted a while ago. I really wasn't all that thrilled about it so I figured I would give it a new edit. Removed some objects. Healed some areas.

19 May 19:07

Hi Phil, Went back and looked at your Original Post of Pink Tree and compared the Two. There are likes and dislikes in both for me. The dislikes in the first is that it is a bit too dark. Not opened up enough for that processing. Likes of the first....Looks very natural. Likes of this Redone. Like that the view of the image is more opened up. More light more details shown. Like that you removed distracting items form the image giving it more Eye Appeal. Dislike is that it looks a bit over processed. Looks over sharpened and not natural like the first. Just giving you my opinion of what is see. Others may or may not disagree. Each to their own. Photography can be very subjective. For all I know you may win the contest with it. I'm not the Judge. Thanks for sharing it with us and Best of Luck in the Contest.

19 May 19:43

Thanks Ed, I greatly appreciate the feedback. I 100% agree with everything you said. I have just been trying new things in Lightroom and photoshop. If I am being totally honest with myself. I really am not satisfied with the over all tone and color of this image. It's just way too over processed. I posted this just to get your feedback as I value your opinion. I will most like delete this from the contest and post another one. I am still in the experimental stages of learning new things. I am glad you saw some of the things I did. I may have to go back to that tree and shoot it again maybe with different lighting. Thanks again. I love that Black and White tree you have there. Well deserved of any accolades it has gotten and will get in the future.

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