Frequently Asked Question

What is HDRcreme?

HDRcreme is a community of HDR photography passionate. We meet here to share works, feedback and ideas on this particular photographic technique.

Is HDRcreme for you?

The only person you really want to compete with it's you - Quote by Maria Santos Salina

The community spirit is to share and help each other improve the work and the post-processing technique. Please always post constructive feedback, either positive and negative, and accept other photographers feedback and ideas. If you can live with this simple rule, you are a good fit!

What is HDR or HDRI?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range (Imaging). It's a technique to reproduce images with a high range of luminosity by merging images taken with different exposures.

Why should I post my works on HDRcreme?

Get feedback and improve your works, both on a composition and post processing level. Share your HDR works with other HDR enthusiasts and be rewarded by winning the POTD (Picture of the day)

What is the Picture Of The Day (POTD)?

It's a daily award to the best picture posted on the last 24 hours (or earlier - if no images meet the criteria). The timezone of the website is Greenwich (GMT +0000). The picture is selected at midnight - 12 AM. The POTD is featured on the front page and on the official social media channels.

Who is selecting the POTD (Picture of the day)?

The selection of the POTD is an editorial selection made my the website moderator. The current website moderator is Digicam, a senior member of the website who joined the website since its very beginning (almost 10 years ago). Please take a look at his profile to know more about him.

How is the the POTD selected?

There are different factors that make a good HDR image: composition, processing, cropping, color, clarity, sharpness and a "natural look".
There are also things to avoid: flaws, ghosting, halos, chromatic aberrations, over processing and "unreal or cartoonish" look.

All these factors togheter with an "interesting" subject influence the selection of the POTD.

What about the rating system?

Some users might allow other users to rate their image. This is a quick way to give feedback on composition and post-processing. The rating does not influence the selection of the POTD.

How do I appear on Discover?

To appear on the discover section tag you need to use the appropriate tags and receive at least 5 likes.

How do I post my works?

Sign-up to the website and hit Upload. The only mandatory field is the image file. You can upload images with JPEG format and up to 10MB. You can only post one image per day unless you are a PLUS member.

All the other fields are not required but sharing information about the location, camera settings and post processing will contribute to the overall quality of the post and will be appreciated by the community.

What if I need help?

I'm now the only developer of HDRcreme. Please drop me a message or fill the web form and I'll do my best to get back to you and provide the support you need.

How big is HDRcreme?

The website counts more than 40,000 images and 2,400 active users (with at least 1 post). It became very popular in 2008 when it was featured on Reddit, Mashable and many other websites. Since then HDR became a niche technique even though it is deeply integrated in most of our hardware (TV, console, mobile phones, etc) and you might have been using it without knowing.