"62 Rita", Woolacombe, North Devon

Picture by mattcollins

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  • September 02, 2010
  • Canon EOS 50D
  • Tamron 10-24mm @f16
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Single RAW File
  • Exposures Number -2, 0, +2
  • Editing Software Photoshop / Photomatix Pro
  • File Format RAW
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02 Sep 11:36

These bathing huts are situated on the award winning, 3 mile long beach in Woolacombe, North Devon, UK. This, along with my previous upload (Mill rock) were taken on the same evening on a recent trip home as i now live in Poland. I liked the way the huts and the beach lead the viewers eye towards the beautifully lit coastal village. I hope you enjoy it.

02 Sep 15:16

Photo of the day (Mill rock, Woolacombe) is certainly fantastic, but also this shot is very interesting. I like the angle view and strong colors of the bathing huts in contrast to the white sand beach. In this picture the effect of the sea is less spectac

02 Sep 16:33

Yeah, my focus here wasn't to concentrate on the sea, it was just a coincidental bonus. I liked all the colours. If you look closely, the colours of the doors actually reflects in the sand.

03 Sep 00:00

Very nice shot. I like the lighting.

03 Sep 04:22

The processing is first rate. I like the colors of the bathing huts and I with the angle showed more of the huts so the colors of the doors can play off each other.

03 Sep 04:23

Oops, I forgot to rate the photo.

03 Sep 14:50

Fantasctic picture and great style

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