Plantation Cook-house..

Picture by johnt

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  • July 26, 2012
  • 24mm-840mm P&S built on zoom
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2..-1..0..+1..+2
  • Editing Software Photoshop / Photomatix Pro
  • File Format JPEG
  • Notes Had to go to 1600 on P&S in tungsten lighting with little room to set up tripod properly.. hence the POV you see here. Best I could as I could have improved the compostion if set up space was available.


26 Jul 12:55

CAUTION.. May Frighten Children..!! My first inside shot using my P&S. Feel free to rip it apart in judging as the vote number means nothing to me frankly. Circa 1840 plantion cook-house. And I am aware of the burnt brick over the fire-place.. for those not familar with real fire-places it is called soot. haha

26 Jul 12:57

Please download before critique if you chose to critique. Thanks..

26 Jul 13:30

This are massive kitchen tools! Like you self declared to many thinks cutted half like the table, the chairs and pot on the wall.

26 Jul 13:32

Maybe in this "tight" locations it could be better to try some close ups. The oil lamp on the desk should be a good subject for example.

26 Jul 13:40

iso 1600??? too high for a good hdr; need more sharpness

26 Jul 13:42

Thanks Dirk.. you may be correct sir. There is rail fence across with only a meter to set up tripod. Had to approach angle.. stick one leg through fence and straddle the tripod. Between tricky lighting new to photo and this a nightmare to shoot for me. ha

26 Jul 13:46

Agree Panda.. very low light and P&S with little aperture adjustment means higher ISO which is deadly to sharpness. But.. I was determined... haha

26 Jul 13:52

nice subject john

26 Jul 14:33

noisy, lacks sharpness

26 Jul 16:19

It look good b4 download:)!

26 Jul 16:27

I like the subject and detail....I agree about trying the individual items

26 Jul 17:46

Not your best John. For me, the image is too 'busy' (the eye is drawn to several points at the same time). Need to isolate a subject, as suggested.

26 Jul 18:28

:D buen proceso

26 Jul 19:43

Whats soot?:)

26 Jul 20:14

Darkening of the bricks from the process of escaping smoke and heat. It's basically charcoal dust.. touch it and your hand turns black from what rubs off. :)

26 Jul 20:16

Agree on busy Karl.. I wanted to rip down the fence rail and remove the table al-together but.. those young ladies dressed as American Colonials carry derringers in their garter "just for people like me". haha

26 Jul 20:24

John I am joking, English humour.

26 Jul 20:59

9+ John considering what you shot it with and the ISO used. Excellent Processing considering above details and remarks.

26 Jul 21:38

I really don't se any noise. Great job John

26 Jul 22:02

Great process, taking into account the high ISO. For taste there is nothing written, I like this kind of photos with many things. I enjoy discovering one by one.

26 Jul 22:34

You could have fun in this place! But this shot is busy and I agree that close-ups would probably work better. Image does look a little soft. Often I've created a suitable resting place for camera and used self-timer at 100 ISO in these sort of situations

27 Jul 02:57


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