Utility Shed..

Picture by johnt

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  • August 07, 2012
  • Canon P&S zoom made on camera
  • Shooting Style Tripod
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  • Editing Software Photoshop / Photomatix Pro
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  • Notes Bright sun coming in from between breaks in heavy shade around 13:00 hours.


07 Aug 12:38

Utility shed made from hand-hewn logs with dove-tail joint mating at corners. Circa 1840.. Georgia. Moved and now located at the Ante-bellum Plantation exhibition at Stone Mountain, Ga. It sits in the farm-yard next to the carraige house. Please download for best view and vote it honestly if you chose to vote using any grading system you chose as it's all subjective to what you see and feel when you look at any photo. To follow Graham's lead I personally put as much priority on POTD as I do having a spot of bird pooh on the wind-shield of my working pick-up truck. A spade is a spade..!! haha

07 Aug 12:45

I'm sure many would crop out the barrel on left but.. not this ole country boy. If you ever made an oak staved barrel from steamed oak staves you learn to appreciate the beauty and skill involved in steam bending wood. This one is used to catch rain-water

07 Aug 12:46

Perhaps a tad more contrast.Still a very nice shot nonetheless.

07 Aug 14:10

Hey John, I love the barrel. I would actually love to see more of it. For the purposes of the picture only I would love to see it maybe closer to the corner of the building. I always appreciate good craftsmanship since I have no such skill.

07 Aug 14:13

9+ John...........Clean and Sharp. Agree with Dennis on the Contrast.

07 Aug 14:24

Very nice John. I do agree with @defer that a boost in contrast would help. Looks hot there.

07 Aug 14:34

Adding more contrast as suggested would improve this image a lot John.

07 Aug 14:37

Nice shot

07 Aug 15:01

Here is a popular saying "Which much includes...little squeezes" I would see a frame centered on the wooden cabin and another day the barrel that is an excellent subject for itself. We also agree with some more contrast to highlight the wood grain.

07 Aug 15:43

Thanks everyone.. sounds as if I need more contrast. haha

07 Aug 16:19


07 Aug 17:17

I can only imagine the work gone into the shed....perhaps a higher black point setting on photomatix ?? or is it contrast needed ??

07 Aug 18:16

Nice shot John.

07 Aug 18:36

Agree about the contrast.

07 Aug 19:16

Nice and sharp. For me the composition is lacking a little (focal point seems to be between the buildings).

07 Aug 19:56

me gusta :D

07 Aug 20:14

Nice work John, maybe + contrast but it doesn't look to bad on my monitor...

08 Aug 02:04

Nice work

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