Cherry-Banana Tree

Picture by johnt

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  • August 17, 2012
  • 24mm-840mm P&S Zoom
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2....0..+1..+2
  • Editing Software Photoshop / Photomatix Pro
  • File Format JPEG
  • Notes Only backdrop I could find but that was not the point of photo. Download and zoom in for better view of shop mark.


17 Aug 13:22

I could care less how you grade the photo as I can't seriously shoot close up's with a P&S built on 24mm-840mm Zoom lens. 6 at most.. Just checking in to let everyone know I do have a life outside of attempting HDR with equipment that can't compare to that used by most here. An American Cherry banana tree or hanger made from "shorts" which are scraps left over from furniture building that are either too short or undesirable for graded furniture. Most burn these scraps in their fireplace but I hate to waste one ounce of wood. I made a production run of 40 of these for gifts to family and friends for Christmas last year. By hanging banana's it prolongs there short life after being picked so hopefully useful to the recipients. They also make great car key holders for the kitchen counter. In an attempt to resurrect new life from dead wood and give it a new beginning and purpose each piece gets my "shop mark" added once it meets my personal standard of build quality. Something rarely seen or heard here in the US anymore. Made With Pride in the U.S.A....

17 Aug 14:07

The picture is cool, but I like your note even more :-)

17 Aug 14:07

Good idea! Like the strukture of wood and colors of bananas.

17 Aug 14:15


17 Aug 14:28


17 Aug 15:21


17 Aug 15:55

Maximum Rating. Love the wood. Where can you get one of these?

17 Aug 15:58

Nicely done

17 Aug 16:26

Nicely done john. That may be the best looking banana tree I have ever seen. A sign of a great craftsman. Do you travel to do any work? hahaaha

17 Aug 17:47

Very well by protecting the environment. Photo clean, highlight the wood grain.

17 Aug 17:48


17 Aug 18:29

Great John, not limited by your equipment at all.

17 Aug 19:22

Nicely done !!

17 Aug 20:03

Thanks everyone.. @Rick.. I don't build to sell except rare occasions. For sale means dead-lines and I don't do dead-lines since I retired. :)

17 Aug 20:28

@Flip.. I studied other commercial ones that broke in most cases as there is a weak point in top curve. I changed lenght and angle of curve an went to hardwood. So far not one of 40 has broke in a year and don't expect them to. :)

17 Aug 21:15

Iron the table cloth :) ........... very well done with what you have to work with, ...... Oh! and want timber is that ? Looks like Australia Red Gum to me but couldn't be could it? :)

17 Aug 21:20

@John... Heck I was wanting ya to build me a table...hahaa

17 Aug 22:02

How much did Chiquita pay you for this commercial? Nice woodwork John, and yes iron the cloth next time :-)

17 Aug 22:39

The picture is cool

17 Aug 23:37

Great picture!

17 Aug 23:55

The table-cloth is actually a simple cotton tarp from my shop where I keep a number to cover my work-bench when gluing up. Wadded up and in a drawer. Again the pic was not meant to compete so I flopped it out and shot the pic. :)

18 Aug 00:26

lovely bit of wood and craftsmanship, bananas look tasty :)

18 Aug 11:14

Love the wood John. I personally think still life is the hardest thing to shoot.

19 Aug 10:52

great shot

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