Heading for The Pole

Picture by franklamica

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  • March 26, 2019
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III
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26 Mar 08:47

Was panning in order to get the shot

26 Mar 09:32

i like your HDR-style….

26 Mar 13:10

Single Shot Right? Crazy good nonetheless. L&F

26 Mar 14:50

A number of shots taken as they are going by and picked the one with the feet up off the ground. Thanks!

26 Mar 22:01

Good capture! Three dimensional look.

26 Mar 23:03

Thanks Steve!

27 Mar 02:45

You should try selling these to the Owner of the Track to use as advertising on Billboards. The one you posted several days ago was Fantastic.

27 Mar 03:23

A little bit overcooked to me, but a charming and strong image!

27 Mar 11:24

Thanks, I mainly do these for my taste. I never try selling anything. I have done that all my life with every hobby I came up with and I wanted to keep this just for myself. If a friend likes something I've done I have always given them away. That way I don't have to conform to any standards and can process everything to my taste and satisfaction. As a matter of fact I'm on my way to the track again today and have two more visits after that before the end of the season.

27 Mar 13:37

Pure action....Nicely one....!

27 Mar 23:12

@franklamica, I hear you! Put a Sawbuck on "ShatterDreams" in the 8th for me. Pay me my winnings when you see me. LOL.

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