Lures of the Past

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  • Houma, LA, USA

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  • November 26, 2022
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lures Fishing magazines fish outdoors


26 Nov 02:48

Fishing lures from my collection. Some of these are 50 years old. Same lures today cost $10 each, if you can find them. Center page showing lures is from a 1973 Bass Pro Shop Catalog. One of only a few images I've taken in the past 15 months. Still repairing my home from Hurricane Ida from August 2021. May have the interior complete by the end of the year. I would like to thank all members who donated money towards helping my wife and I . Steve Zasadny sent us a check for $1100.00 which we used to replace our surveillance cameras which was destroyed in the storm and the remainder of the money was used towards a new stove for my wife. If I knew who donated to these funds I would THANK YOU all individually. Since I do not have a list of names be assured your donations were certainly Appreciated by my wife and I. God Bless you all.

27 Nov 06:52

Good to see you're getting close to completion. What a relief!!

Updated 27 Nov 11:52

Welcome back ED! Missed you a lot here! Iā€™m glad we could do our small part in the reconstruction of your house. So happy to hear good news from you and looking forward to see your artwork again! Carlo

28 Nov 12:58

Thanks Steve. Still Working.

28 Nov 13:00

@carlo , Thanks Carlo.........Much Appreciated !

28 Nov 13:00

@steve_zasadny , Thanks for your concern, Much Appreciated!

28 Nov 13:01

@carlo , Thanks for your concern and kind words Carlo, Much Appreciated!

28 Nov 20:04

great to see you back ED

29 Nov 03:41

Thanks Yogi, Much Appreciated!

05 Dec 01:56

Welcome back Ed!!

07 Dec 03:21

Welcome back Ed!! happy to hear good news

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